about us

Dreamland Fairy™ was created by two moms, Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine, whose six-year old daughters came up with the idea of a fairy house that they could keep in their rooms. Ami and Cassie believed in bringing this idea to other children, and set off to find manufacturers who could build the fairy house. Together, they wrote a book about the Dreamland Fairy™. Yvette Ruzicka, a talented children’s book illustrator, brought Dreamland Fairy™ to life through her beautiful and whimsical illustrations.

cassie slane

Cassie is the co-founder and CEO of Slane Van Dine LLC. As mother of three girls, she knows that imagination and creativity are central in her household, and so are fairies! Originally a business journalist at Bloomberg News in NY, she relocated to Philadelphia where she’s worked as a technology expert at Fox and QVC. She’s now fulfilling her dream to start her own company and show her daughter that any idea, even by a six-year old, can turn into a reality.

ami van dine

Ami is the co-founder and CCO of Slane Van Dine, LLC.She is a mother of two energetic little ladies, who love to dream, create, and play pranks. Once a graphic designer in NYC, she relocated to Philadelphia and became a licensed speech-language pathologist working with the pediatric population.