Follow the whimsical tale of the Dreamland Fairy, as she discovers a fairy house that helps her return dreams back to Fairyland.



Make the Dreamland Fairy House your own by adding decorative touches with included paint and fairy dust glitter.



Let your imagination soar as you create notes and pictures for your very own Dreamland Fairy.



Two six-year old friends invented the Dreamland Fairy House, inspiring their moms to bring this idea to other children.



NEW! Decorate your own clamshell and fill it with sparkling gems. Give your mermaid a cozy place to live!


Kid Invented

In 2013, two friends from preschool days had a playdate. They invented the concept of an indoor fairy house, that could be decorated and kept by their beds. Their wish was for a Dreamland Fairy to visit these fairy houses, and listen to their dreams at night. Currently, Sophia and Addison assume active roles in decision-making and new product development, showing them how a dream (with a lot of hard work) can become a reality.

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